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Canton Fair

China Import and Export Fair, commonly known as Canton Fair, is held in Guangzhou every spring and autumn, with a history of more than fifty years up to now. It is a comprehensively international trade event of China, Asia and the globe, with the longest history, the highest level, the largest scale, the widest variety of commodity, the largest number of merchants and the best deal in China so far.

In recent years, NALIFT has been actively participating in the exhibition activities of Canton Fair. As Zhong Shan, the International trade negotiator and vice-minister of Commerce Department, said in the opening address on behalf of Commerce Department, NALIFT actively practices five development concepts of “Innovation, Coordination, Green, Opening and Sharing” and deeply promotes the supply side structural reform, etc. On this exhibition, NALIFT not only displayed counterbalanced internal combustion forklift and narrow aisle electric forklift that satisfy the National III Standard of discharge, following the development of logistics warehouse industry but also brought new truck mounted forklift.

NALIFT’s narrow aisle electric forklift attracted many visitors with its original design, convenient and flexible operation and especially stood out among numerous forklifts with the theme of “environmental protection”.

On this Canton Fair, NALIFT received a large number of clients from eastern and southern Asia, eastern Europe, Africa and Oceania, which deepened clients’ impression on NALIFT. These clients include those who intend to be agents and those aiming at self-use. There are over 50 intentional orders on this Canton Fair, of which more than 10 are the on-site orders.



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