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China Cold Storage Industry Conference

China Cold Storage Industry Conference, hosted by the Inter-cooled alliance, was held in Hilton Hotel, Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province. NALIFT participated in the conference with a variety of cold storage forklifts.

With constant improvement of domestic per capita consumption ability, China’s cold storage industry will continue to keep increasing rapidly in the coming period. A good communication and cooperation platform was built for cold storage operators, logistics companies, equipment manufacturers on this conference.

As the leader of materials handling equipment industry, NALIFT has paid much attention to the forklift industry, always followed the philosophy that "All innovation originates from market demand" and customized and developed many sorts of cold storage products according to operation characteristics of forklift of cold storage industry. Reliability and security achieves industry-leading level through “coldness and moisture-proof” processing of cable, electric switches, hydraulic pipeline, energy storage devices, control system, etc. NALIFT forklifts become more and more popular with customers of cold chain logistics industry because of reducing costs and creating value for clients through the implementation of product personalization, accessory universalization and service localization.



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